Please Support The #MuslimReform Movement. This Is History In The Making!

Wow, wow, wow! So, don’t get me wrong I know these people are doing A LOT of cherry-picking of their faith, Islam, in order to make a reformation happen (no one mentioned any of the battles or beheadings Mohammed waged once he moved to Medina, the slaves and sex slaves he kept and sold as his ‘spoils of war’ or the fact he married a 6-year-old and consummated the marriage when she was 9) BUT Judaism, Christianity and every other religion are just as bullshit and they have all had many reformations and reworkings over the centuries e.g. lots of cherry-picking, and our species is a lot safer and freer thanks to these cherry-picking crusaders.

This is a HUGE step, since heretics (which is what people are labelled whenever they start a reformation) are to be killed according to old ‘peaceful’ Mohammed for creating a fitna (a rebellion), and it is one we all need to support no matter how bullshit we think Islam is. Without these reformers, and all the reformers from other faiths and other centuries gone by, we will/would be so fucked it wouldn’t even be funny (could you imagine living under the rule of the Vatican or under the 613 commandments of Orthodox Judaism??? It would be ‘hell’ on Earth). We owe everything we have to past, and present day, religious reformers/heretics, freethinkers, secularists, liberals, apostates and blasphemers and we should NEVER forget it because not only have they gifted our lives with so much freedom to think, reflect, inquire, explore, discover, create and just breath freely, they also put their peace of mind and lives on the line to bring us such precious gifts.

Please read the Muslim Reform Movement’s declaration as secular, freethinking, Muslims and if you agree with it please sign the petition below. Alternatively, or as well, you can watch their ‘coming out’ video, also below.

These are all their contact details:

Twitter: @TheMuslimReform
Instagram: @TheMuslimReform
Facebook: Muslim Reform Movement



The Incredibly Insightful Maajid Nawaz Discussing What Islamism is After the Paris Attacks, Nov 2015

Note: The week that was has been a horrendous week of bombings around the world. My condolences and support for Paris does not mean I am not concerned or interested in the horror bombings in other parts of the world. All lives lost to terrorism, whether it is political or religious, or in this case both since Islam is not just a religion but also a political, legal and social ideology as well, is heartbreaking and degrades our planet and species.