Let Me Just Clarify Something: I Loathe All Religious Ideologies, Not Just Islam

So, as you have probably seen with my recent posts they have been a lot about Islam and how much I loathe the ideology. The quantity of these posts have been for a few reasons:

  1. Islamism, the political dimension of Islam, is getting much more aggressive lately. Who knows, maybe they think the Last Days (yes, Islam is a crazy, apocalyptic religion) are around the corner and they are trying to bring on the malhama (great, final war). Whatever the reason I will not stay silent or cower down to religious tyrants.
  2. Apostates of Islam are now coming out of the woodwork in vast numbers (vast considering apostasy is a death sentence in Islamic theology and law) and the #exMuslimBecause campaign started by the incredible Iranian ex-Muslim, Maryam Namazie, has really started something seismic.
  3. My father, and all of his side, are observant Sunnis so I feel a close kin to those who are oppressed by the religious ideology because I think, shit, if I hadn’t been born in Australia to an Anglo-Saxon mother I could have been born in Pakistan or some other awful Islamic country. Or if I was born in Australia and both my parents had been observant Sunnis then I would have had either no chance or a slim chance of getting out and getting my own autonomous life as a female. I could have been taken back to Pakistan at 18, as so many girls from Australia are, and married off to some cousin (ethnics love marrying within families) or to the highest bidder (thankfully I am not that fair [they love light skins and eyes] or that stunning [I’m cute as a button though]).
  4. I just really, really, really loathe religious theology, not just Islam, but all religious theologies. Any ideology that asks people to put faith over facts, asks them to believe wild claims but offers no evidence and tells them to pray instead of telling them to get a good education and use contraceptives is no friend of the people. It is a sly, manipulative control mechanism spread by con-artists who either have no idea how the actual world works and want to keep people as ignorant as they are or these charlatans do know but don’t care to help others better their lot in life.

So, I just wanted to clarify, it’s not just Islam I find abhorrent, it is ALL religious ideologies. I did a big post about how much I loathed the Pope on September 26, 2015, when he was touring the U.S. and you couldn’t open a web page without seeing the old c*nt being fawned over by the mindless masses. My post was entitled “WHY I FUCKING HATE POPE FRANCIS & WHY THE MEDIA CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES (NO, I AM NOT A RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE. QUITE THE OPPOSITE ACTUALLY)“. I have also written about how vile I find the mass consumerism and mass greed of Christmas but I also made suggestions in my post about how I think Christmas could be redeemed (made less financially damaging to people, less greedy, less wasteful and less harmful to the environment with the amount of landfill waste Christmas produces every year).

Some of you are probably thinking “But what about philosophies/religions such as Buddhism or Jainism”? Well, there are so many denominations of these religions, just like there are of the Abrahamic faiths, and each teaches its own thing but once again, although they do have good points they also have a lot of non-factual, faith-based elements to them. They are also misogynistic in the sense that if a man is bad in his current life he could be demoted in his next life and come back as a woman (how ‘awful’ being reincarnated as a ‘lowly, disgusting’ woman *rolls eyes*). In the Anguttara Nikaya (5:33), Buddha tells future wives that they should be obedient to their husbands, please them, and not make them angry through their own desires, as well as get up before them and go to sleep after them. There are also conditions put on Buddhist nuns with the Eight Garudhammas that show they are not the equals of monks. There is a sect of Jainism that teaches women must be reborn as men in order to achieve liberation and some Jain texts say that menstrual blood is a sign of impurity. Both philosophies/religions paint women as not to be trusted and that women are temptresses and deceptive. Neither religion is very LGBTIQ friendly either as sexual desire should be curtailed and sex is only for procreation.

Then there are the people who say “Why can’t you just let people believe what they want to believe?” Well, in a perfect world where parents didn’t indoctrinate their children from a young age with one religious theology, kids weren’t labelled a Christian child or a Taoist child or a Scientologist child etc., kids were taught ALL religions and non-religious beliefs such as secular philosophy, atheism and agnosticism without bias or an agenda to proselytise and then when a person turned 18 they could pick their own religion or choose to be Atheist or Agnostic THEN I would be happy with people believing whatever they wanted to but we don’t live in a perfect world where children are free to choose their own beliefs, do we?

No, instead, as soon as a child of religious parents is old enough to hear a bedtime story and comprehend a storyline parents start indoctrinating them with only ONE theology. Very few religious parents bother to inform their children that evolutionary biology has proven there was no ‘first man’ or ‘first woman’ and that we are actually just evolved apes. Very few religious parents bother to tell their child that their god is actually just an evolution of older gods that were morphed into one god as in the case of Yahweh/Jehovah, the god of the Hebrew and Christian bible, who himself was created from the Canaanite high god El; his son, the weather god Baal; and the Edomite war god, Yahweh Sabaoth. Likewise, Allah, the god of Islam, is not only an evolution of El, Baal, and Yahweh Sabaoth (since Mohammed decided to tack himself on to Hebrew and Christian mythology) but also Allah, the high, Arabian, moon god. Very few religious parents tell their children there is absolutely no evidence for any of the stories they are telling them but they (the children) just have to have ‘faith’.

It’s ludicrous and it shows just how insecure people actually are about their religious teachings because if you really believed you had the truth then you would have no problem letting your child know about other religions because you would know your religion made so much sense and had so much evidence supporting it that it would sell itself but once again children who apostatise are told the devil/demons/shaytan/iblis/evil jinns etc. have possessed them OR they are mentally unwell. It’s sick!

So, that is why I am not just an Atheist but actually am an Anti-theist and an Adeist. I am staunchly against religious theology because I find it sinister and damaging and I have not found any compelling evidence that a deity or deities exist. So, that concludes my clarification on where I stand with ALL religions.

Below is the very funny Marcus Brigstocke taking a hilarious, but also honest, look at the horror the three ‘Abrahamic’ faiths have unleashed on our world.



Ok, I have held my tongue long enough. I know I am going to alienate and possibly anger a lot of people but I do not care, I cannot hold this in any longer. I FUCKING HATE POPE FRANCIS!!! There I said it! I am so sick of the bullshit, first-world media over the last week putting this hypocritical arsehole on a pedestal and acting like he is the second coming of Christ (not that I believe in the second coming of Christ, mind you, since I am an Atheist). It is a classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. I am over him being called ‘refreshing’, ‘progressive’, ‘a good person’ etc. etc. bullshit etc.

So here it is, in no particular order (because every point angers me just as much as the others), every reason and sentiment why I fucking hate this Pope and every bullshit, fake, empty thing he says (Spoiler Alert: it’s going to be a lot about hypocrisy).

* This Pope resides in the Vatican while millions of his adherents live in poverty and subjugation due to the doctrines and teachings of his bullshit religion. The Vatican of 2015 is synonymous for money laundering, harbouring paedophiles, harbouring people who have committed crimes against humanity and all together being a dodgy as hell place that is a blight and embarrassment to our species in the 21st century.

* This Pope lives in immense wealth while millions of Catholics live below the poverty line having to resort to what ever they can do to survive. As Pope he has never had to starve, live on the streets, sell his body into the sex industry to make a pittance or resort to illegal activities (he oversees money laundering so he can stay filthy rich, not because he has no other choice to survive) such as being a drug mule in order to survive.

* Pope Francis supports George Pell (Australian Catholic Cardinal who covered up mass amounts of sexual abuse in the church) and even gave him a promotion in the Vatican LAST YEAR (2014)!!! This Pope is harbouring and promoting a man who should be on trial for being an accessory to crimes so heinous it would make you sick.

* AIDS IN AFRICA!!! How does it not piss everyone else off that this fucking, cunt Pope spends time touring around and hob knobbing with the wealthy, as he is currently doing in the U.S., when millions of Africans, who are too terrified to use a condom lest they be struck down by their god, ARE DYING IN DROVES?!?!?!? WHY IS HE NOT VISITING HOSPITALS IN AFRICA AND NURSING THESE PEOPLE HE IS HELPING TO KILL?!?!?! Because he is a two-faced, fake as hell arsehole, that’s why.

* This Pope loves to spruik about environmental issues, LGBTIQ issues and all the other issues that, if you are starving on the streets, forced into the sex or drug industry to survive, would be the last issues you would be thinking about. I am a greenie and I am pro LGBTIQ rights but I am aware that I have a fortunate life that allows me to be able to focus on such issues. When you are living at the top, as this Pope does, while your subjects are dying at the bottom it really makes you wonder is he just spurting these sentiments about ‘progressive’ issues to deflect attention away from all the evil he oversees and instruments???

I mean where was this ‘progressive’, ‘forward thinking’ Pope when Paraguay, a Catholic majority country, denied a 10 year old, rape victim the right to an abortion this year IN 2015 forcing her to give birth to her mother’s boyfriend’s (the rapist) baby. An incredibly dangerous and life threatening thing for a 10 year old to be forced to do, not to mention exceptionally psychologically scarring. WHERE WAS HE??? WHY DIDN’T HE INTERVENE??? I’ll tell you why because he is a worthless, disgusting excuse for a human being who thinks he can pull the wool over people’s eyes by distracting them with issues that the first-world wants to hear about. Total, dirty scumbag!

I could go on and on and on about why I hate this Pope, the Pope of 2015, but I won’t because the fact is the media are just as much to blame for not calling this dodgy, old piece of shit out on his garbage. He claims to be the Christian god’s representative on Earth (what a load of shit) but he doesn’t live in any way as the Jesus that is portrayed in Christianity lived. The Jesus portrayed in the Christian bible was poor, owned nothing but the clothes on his back, was humble, unassuming, honest, truthful etc. Basically everything that Pope Francis is not. (Yes, I know Jesus was also condescending, rude to his mother, not a very good teacher [if parables aren’t working buddy than change your M.O. Some people need their lessons as straight forward as possible] and a bit of a fig tree cursing lunatic).

I can not wait for the day, and I hope I am alive to see it, when the Vatican falls and the subjugated Catholics of the world take back the wealth, dignity and rights that have been, and still continue to be, stolen from them by this Pope in this day and age. It will be as emancipating and as incredible as when the Berlin wall fell. END RANT!

Although this song (written and performed by Tim Minchin in 2010) was written about Benedict XVI I think it is still relevant to Pope Francis.