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I’m a 31-year-old woman from and living in Brisbane, Qld, Australia and loving it. I am currently studying law and am finding it challenging but interesting.

To get a feel for who I am and what my outlook on life is I have listed a few ‘buzz’ words below but I do not play into PC Pollyanna, identity politics, cultural Marxism, or intersectional garbage. Nor do I have time for ‘trigger warnings’, ‘safe spaces’, censorship or any other infantilising rot. I am a Leftie who thinks the Left needs a major reformation as it has basically gone completely off the rails.

I am a social democrat, secular humanist, a progressive ‘Leftie’ (opposed to a Regressive Leftie a.k.a a religious apologist or someone who wallows in white/western guilt which is just a form of cognitive dissonance or ‘doublethink’), an equity/freedom feminist (opposed to a misandrist gender/grievance/fainting couch feminist), an anti-theist and an a-deist. I stand for pro-liberal values and human, animal and environmental rights.

I find unchecked corporate capitalism/free markets; greed; mass consumerism; religious oppression; human, animal, and environmental rights abuses seven of the worst occurrences in our world today and I am passionate about fighting against these awful human constructs.

I am a mixed breed with eight nationalities I am very proud of running through my veins. I am of half Northern and Western European (English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, German and Danish) ancestry on my maternal side and 1/4 Tamil (a Dravidian ethnic group from India), 1/8 Indian and 1/8 Persian on my paternal side.

I was raised between two religions. Sunni Islam on my paternal side and Christianity (Jehovah’s Witness) on my maternal side. I know, right, ‘lucky’ me.

Mental illness runs on both sides of my family and I have experienced years of depression in my late teens to mid-20s, then depression and anxiety in my mid-20s, then just anxiety  that leads to depression if I have anxiety spikes for extended periods of time from my late 20s to early 30s. I overcame depression by seeing a psychologist, taking medication, doing lots of self-reflection, self-analysis, and self-discovery, studying/lay ‘psychoanalysing’ others to understand what motivates their actions (hint: the ones who act sane are usually the nuttiest) and ridding myself of toxic people including relatives. I am now determined through the help of a psychologist, psychiatrist, anxiety medication, mindfulness meditation, yoga, comedy etc. I will also, one day, overcome my anxiety too.

My interests include domestic and international politics; law (I want to go into industrial relations and employment law or environmental law); secular ethics; philosophy; many different fields of science; sustainable living practices; renewable energies; and visual and performing arts.

I enjoy yoga, meditation, cycling, singing, painting, cocktails, spending time with my cat and two dogs, friends and family. I am a mama’s girl and I know all mama’s girls say this but my mother is the greatest. Strong, independent, never lets the bastards get her down and has a wicked sense of humour.

I’m still looking for Mr ‘Right-For-Me’ but with my outspoken ways and my no-bullshit approach to life I am probably destined to be a single, fabulous, older woman who spends her time throwing ‘to die for’ soirées where intellectuals gather to discuss, debate and muse over the issues of the world while they enjoy good food, booze, and music.


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