The Rubin Report With Guest Nick Cohen

I am loving The Rubin Report channel on YouTube at the moment. Dave Rubin used to be on that awful, Regressive Left program, The Young Turks, but he got jack of them and branched out on his own. Dave is a Progressive Leftie and has had so many of my heroes on his show. I just love it.

Below Dave is speaking with Nick Cohen, an English journalist, author and political commentator who caught onto the dangers of the Regressive Left a fair few years ago but didn’t have a word to label them until Maajid Nawaz came along this year and did so. He points out so many solid and valid arguments about how the Regressive Left is hindering, not helping, the minorities within minorities (women, homosexuals, apostates etc.) and how the bigotry of low expectations (a.k.a. how the ‘brown man’ should be treated with kid gloves) is crushing the voices of these minorities. A really good watch.


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