Islamism & Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses Takes Up So Much Of My Time

I have not posted a personal entry onto this site in so long because since the Paris Attacks my time has been spent watching a tonne of videos on YouTube from Islamic apostates, apostate and Middle Eastern free thinkers, Muslim reformers and their Western allies. So much watching, learning, soaking up information, so little time to write about ME!

Add to that Saudi Arabia now has 4 free thinkers (plus countless others no doubt) on trial and they are wanting to murder these innocent men for ‘terrorism’. Atheism, apostasy, free thinking etc. makes you are a terrorist in Saudi Arabia! It is beyond insane.

Sooooo, all and all with all this happening in the world and the fact I have been job hunting (and man, are there some STUPID job ads out there. I will write about those in another post) I have not had a chance to tend to my little spot on WordPress.

I hope to have some new posts out soon and hopefully they will have a more positive note such as more countries in Africa are banning FGM! YAY!!!

Here is a list of some of the people and channels/shows I have been watching:


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