When Will You Get Married?

Now that I am 30 and because 1/2 of my family are ethnics (Pakistani) I get this question a lot and you know what? The answer I have come to is: I may never get married and that’s ok.

Not everyone finds their perfect match and gets married especially if you have an unorthodox personality like mine. When you are extremely independent, opinionated, strong willed, politically minded etc. etc. etc. trying to find someone who you can gel with is not as easy as someone who is a bit more beige and run of the mill and once again that is ok.

I would rather be my authentic, unadulterated self (a self who lives by the no harm policy of course) than compromise my integrity and end up being only a shadow of who I truly am. I have done enough of that in my 20s whether it was with romantic partners, family or work and I have made a promise to myself that in my 30s I will no longer commit such identity fraud. It only leads to bad depression and anxiety which then leads to physical health issues as well.

Yes, I am like a triple shot espresso. Yes, I am loud and overwhelming but I happen to be passionate about a lot of social issues and occurrences that so many other people just seem to not care about or be totally ignorant to and it is the drive to overcome injustices in this world that truly powers me. I admire doers, freedom fighters, social mover and shakers. I have no time for capitalism with a capital ‘C’, greed, consumerism, human rights abuse, animal abuse, environmental abuse or silence from the masses regarding these issues.

The fact is I may just be too outspoken and too ‘in your face’ for a lot of guys and that’s ok because being true to yourself won’t win you a lot of friends but it will get you the right kind of genuine friends and if that includes a partner or husband along the way than great but if not that’s ok too. Happiness comes from within and no matter how great the person you are with may be, if you are not true to yourself than you will never really be happy. I have learned that the hard way time and time again.


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