The world is obsessed with trying to be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. STOP IT! IT’S NOT REALISTIC AND IT WILL MAKE YOU (as in all of us) SEVERELY UNHAPPY!!!

Happiness is not a concrete or permanent location we can find and reside in forever. Happiness is just fleeting moments we catch here and there (hopefully quite frequently) and then they flit off again like the beautiful butterfly it is. People need to stop throwing the word ‘happiness’ around so cavalierly and start replacing it with content, peaceful, calm, tranquil, centred, grounded, grateful, appreciative etc. etc. etc.

By constantly talking about ‘happiness’ and wanting to be ‘happy’ and striving over hell or high water to get ‘happy’ all you are doing is setting up fanciful delusions about what life should be and you will end up missing it (life). Strip it back to basics. Live within your means. Cut up that credit card, stop trying to keep up with the Jones’ and be as sustainable and mindful as you can be. Start a vegie patch and buy some chooks or at the very least start shopping at the farmer’s market. Take time out to enjoy your hobbies and surround yourself with loving, supportive people. Laugh! Laugh as many times a day as you can without being bundled off to the looney bin. The phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is so underrated and you know why? Because laughter is free and marketing companies don’t make disgusting amounts of money off marketing free stuff (unruly capitalism IS the devil). And most importantly, as the famous Ancient Greek aphorism tells us, KNOW THYSELF! Work out who you are, what your values are, what your opinions and beliefs are, what you stand for as a human being. It is amazing how much more grounded, centred and confident a person feels once they know themselves and like who they are as a person (you have to like yourself, it’s the most important thing since, you know, you are always stuck [stuck in a good way] with yourself).

No one is ever going to be ‘happy’ in the sense that the world, especially marketing companies, try to portray. We didn’t evolve to be ‘happy’ we evolved to survive, just like all other living organisms on Earth did. So take off your $500-$1000 watch and your designer label, wanky whatever, put on a pair of fishermen pants and a wife beater and go for a picnic and most importantly, RELAX! You’ll feel a hell of a lot better and you may even be lucky enough to have a moment of real, tangible happiness.


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