Every dog has their day and there is no lower, greedier dog than Ivan Glasenberg. Things look set to get messy for him as his evil company, Glencore, swan dives into oblivion (fingers crossed).

A part from the fact he has:
* Raped and pillaged the ordinary people of developing nations by paying off corrupt governments.
* Allowed child labour to be used in his mines.
* Has poisoned precious water ways from bad mining practices.
* Tried getting the monopoly on food staples by bullying/paying off governments of some countries so he could raise the cost of food in developing nations forcing poor people to spend all their money on food or starve.
* Rorted Zambia out of millions in tax.
* Bribed EU officials in Belgium.
* Paid off an aluminium company in Bahrain to make bribery claims go away.
* Sacked the entire workforce of Collinsville, QLD mine etc. etc. etc.

Basically if Satan and Gordon Gekko had a baby it would be Ivan Glasenberg. I hope he gets his arse handed to him and Mick Davis buys everything back. Ivan Glasenberg is lower than shark shit.

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