The Maiden Post

So here it is, the maiden post! Lower your expectations to floor level because this is not going to be anything awe inspiring or revolutionary. It’s just a general, little ‘hi’ and to say this site is going to basically be a bit of a mix of this and that.

Some posts I make will be super mundane and just a bit of a rant about something that’s been boiling my billy (people’s rudeness or a celebrity that is so moronic it hurts i.e Gwyneth Paltrow, don’t even get me started on that steamed vag), some posts will be about topics I am VERY passionate about (politics, human rights, environmental conservation, my opposition to theology etc.) so therefore will be a huge rant and some posts may just be a recipe, a song or a funny anecdote.

I am hoping to use this site as a bit of a sounding board to mull out some thoughts for some book ideas I have and although I won’t be putting too much up about my book ideas for fear I may actually post something decent and someone might tax it (yes, the chances are remote and slim but still! You never know, right? Things are only improbable, not impossible) I will definitely be posting about the topics that I have ideas for.

So who am I? Well no one especially shiny. I am a 30 year old, Australian woman of mixed blood/cultured parents. I currently live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia (my home city) and over the past 1.5 years I have been recovering from major burnout.

Long story short, I uprooted my life and moved 2000kms away to remote NW QLD for a job I was told was going to be a ‘fantastic opportunity’ (apparently they didn’t realise lies make baby Jesus and I cry). I worked in mining for close to three years. I was subjected to a disgustingly high workload, doing horrendous amounts of unpaid overtime, that left me fatigued, anxious, depressed and just plain burnt out (you don’t realise how important ‘down time’, exercise and sleep are until you can’t do any of them). When ever I informed my managers (yes, that’s right more than one manager AND funnily enough more than one dept., THREE depts. to be exact, comprising of twelve sub depts. to be the one Admin for!!! And lets not forget about the 20+ contracting companies either. All details they conveniently left out in the 2 phone interviews I had) my work situation was not acceptable I was then interrogated, bullied, harassed and told I was incompetent.

Needless to say, the whole situation left me very unhealthy mentally, emotionally and physically but although it almost killed me it did teach me a LOT about what lengths unethical, unscrupulous workplaces will go to save money on hiring adequate staff as well as showed me how low workplaces are willing to sink in order to bully and harass their staff, as I was not the only one they sunk their claws into. The only thing we all had in common was we spoke up for ourselves and didn’t just let their appalling workplace practices go unmentioned. They loved silent doormats they could wipe their feet on and we, with our backbones, were very terrifying to them.

The only silver lining from the whole mess was I educated myself on employee rights in my state, familiarised myself with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the QLD WH&S/OH&S Acts, joined a union and found my unyielding passion for workers’ rights. If I knew then what I know now things would never have been able to escalate to the dire situation it did. Nipping unethical workplace practices in the bud as soon as possible is the only way to try and survive until you can find a better place to work and the only way to nip said horrendous practices in the bud is by getting educated on employee rights.

So that’s just a little about me. I have had this site for a few years now but have never really cultivated it so I certainly hope to begin tapping out a few posts here and there.

WARNING: I am a contrarian so although I sit left on most issues sometimes I am not always the warm and fuzzy lefty. I am very passionate about a lot of issues and some of the stances I take may offend people but my motto is as long as you are not in sighting hate or violence against anyone, bullying or harassing anyone than everyone is entitled to their opinions no matter how crazy.



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