Gandhi blamed women for being raped, Coco Chanel was an antisemetic Nazi sympathiser and I seriously have to stop reading about iconic people I admire

The day I read what Gandhi said about rape of women I was incredibly crushed. No one had ever told me this man, who I had always admired and revered, said…

“I have always held that it is physically impossible to violate a woman against her will. The outrage takes place only when she gives way to fear or does not realize her moral strength. If she cannot meet the assailant’s physical might, her purity will give her the strength to die before he succeeds in violating her…It is my firm conviction that a fearless woman, who knows that her purity is her best shield can never be dishonoured. However beastly the man, he will bow in shame before the flame of her dazzling purity.”

WHAT?!?!?! I mean, seriously mate, WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?! I know he was from a different era and culture but I felt so bloody cheated when I read this. My father’s father was a Tamil from the Madras region of south India so I always had a warm and kindred feeling about old mate, victim blamer due to the fact he was a historic, iconic, freedom fighter and countryman to my Grandpappy. That was, of course, until I read he was a RAPE VICTIM BLAMER! Now, I don’t know how to feel. One part of me wants to write him off completely. Another part of me says he was ignorant and from a different era but the fact is his comments, as a revered leader, have really helped to reinforce the misogynistic, rape culture that India is currently battling. If a great man like the Mahatma blamed the victim of sexual assault then why can’t we too??? YUK!

And Coco!!! Sweet, little, I slept my way to the top (more power to you, girl!), slacks for women, costume jewellery, No. 5, Jew hating, Nazi sympathising Coco!!! Once again, read these details I had never heard of before and… was… crushed!!!

I know it seems stupid to care about these people who are long dead and buried but it’s just so confronting. You think you know everything important there is to know about an iconic person and then BAM! You find out they are the kind of person you would never invite around to share a Woolies cheese platter and a bottle of $15 white 😦 It’s very disheartening.


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